Health update

I have been not-so-silently suffering some weird symptoms over the last almost year and I finally saw a doctor yesterday to get the ball rolling.

It started a year ago when I became very tired. Like, first trimester exhausted. I was even sneaking in little naps in my car on my lunch break. I saw my doctor then to check my thyroid and she discovered I had mono.

Shocking right?

I thought I already had it as a teenager, but I guess not? Or maybe I had it again?

Fast forward to October last year when I started having what I thought were anxiety attacks. I felt this pressure in my chest and it would cause my heart to race. It was debilitating. So I saw the doctor again and she recommended Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (she’s pro-natural and definitely doesn’t jump the gun and push meds, thankfully!)

Everything actually seemed to clear up but then I started having seriously bad acne. Painful, cystic lumps on my face, a rash on my body and tongue, and yeast infections… I assumed it was from the sugar overload over the Christmas holidays, so I implemented a Candida Diet (see previous post…) and had decent results.

Everything was great, until about April. Then things went downhill fast.

Extreme chest pressure, joint stiffness, swelling in the body, contact lenses that no longer fit in my eyes, heart palpitations… I felt like I was completely falling apart. The symptoms hung around for a few weeks and then slowly dissipated. BUT – next game the severe acne. It came back ten fold. It’s all over my face, neck, chest, back, arms… my legs were even flaming itchy. It hurts, it feels like a sunburnt feeling by the end of the day. My tongue has white, burning patches, and I have another yeast infection.

I went to the doctor (again) and presented her all these symptoms. She ordered a blood test to check my thyroid, test for Lupus, and also see about getting a gluten antibody test run.

She also recommended sticking to a gluten, dairy, and sugar free diet to see if it clears up the rash on my body.

Who know what this all is?

So I’m back to square one and on a strict elimination diet – which isn’t really that bad. My body responded well to it before, and I’m glad she wasn’t like “Here take this antifungal!” She actually said it’s only really used on someone with a severe case or if they have an already weak immune system.

Stay tuned – I’ll keep you all updated with the progress.

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