My fitness journey

Where did “Supermomgetsfit” come from?

Back in 2014 I joined a weight loss challenge. One of the components was that I create a social media page to document my progress. So Supermomgetsfit was born.

I was miserable and looking for something to make me happy again. I was lead by a coach who cut my calories and had me working out nearly every day. It produced results and I was “happy”… Did it produce results? Absolutely. Of course it worked, because I put in the work. I started running, but my knee was flaring up. So I stuck to cardio and weightlifting in my home gym.

I went through a divorce and then completely took a detour when it came to health and fitness. I went through a summer of eating junk and drinking at the cottage and campground. By the winter of 2015 I was heavier than when I started a year ago.

I joined a second challenge with the same coach and lost 20lbs in 8 weeks.

I won the competition and was awarded $1000 for doing so. But to get those results? I was eating waaaay too little and exercising waaaay too much. It wasn’t sustainable. Again, it worked but you can’t live like that forever.

I then got pregnant with Finn and stopped exercising altogether. I gained 25-30lbs during the pregnancy, which was within reason.

After the pregnancy I found another weight loss competition and went balls to the wall for a whole year. I lost about 40lbs, completely messed up my milk supply, went through post partum depression, and ended up feeling just as lost and miserable in the end. I won $10,000 for this transformation – which was amazing – but I still didn’t feel complete.

The truth is, I was looking for weight loss to fix my life; solve all my problems. But it didn’t. I still found something to be unhappy about, something to make me feel like I need more. The program was designed to help you lose weight. And if that’s your goal, then so be it. But fat loss doesn’t fix broken hearts and minds.

But I already had what I needed. A home, a husband, a family, a job, a car etc. I had the basics some people would kill for. Why did I need to take up less space in order to be greater?

I think the pressure on women, specifically, is so IMMENSE to lose weight for aesthetic reasons that we so very quickly forget the benefits of eating better and getting active. It helps with anxiety, helps you sleep better, helps with mood disorders and depression, helps your skin, and helps your digestion etc. Losing weight doesn’t always equate to health.

If you cut calories and exercise excessively, sure you’ll lose weight. But one, it’s not maintainable, and two, it’s not healthy. The focus here is simply to “fix” your outside but put your insides at risk? But why? What’s the point?

I hope that more women begin to lean towards health and happiness, and focus less on aesthetic transformations. Let’s stop rewarding people for the visual changes and start praising them for the spiritual and internal transformations.

This past weekend was a great example of a balanced lifestyle: I ate prepped meals for dinner and lunch (crockpot chicken and sautéed veggies), I enjoyed a dinner with family and had some birthday cake, I sat in bed and watched a movie with my daughter and together we ate cupcakes… I also did a workout on Saturday with a few dance breaks in between with my kids. And on Sunday my girls and I did a fun workout together.

This is balance.

It’s stepping away from the scale and focusing on the FUN of the movement versus punishing yourself for a goal. I’m stepping away from the scale and from the progress photos. I’m embracing the loose skin and stretch marks and cellulite. I’m exercising cause it makes me feel good and I enjoy the time with the music up, dancing and laughing with my kids.

Supermomgetsfit has evolved into so much more than a documentary of my fitness journey. It’s the process of becoming me. And being ok with “me”. It’s the journey to acceptance; and spreading the same message all over the world so that other woman can learn to find that same inner peace.

Cheers to us. And all of our bits. And may we bare them with confidence for the next generations to come.

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