Candida diet progress update

Candida diet recap for the first few weeks:

So I’ve been doing this for several weeks now and noticed some significant improvements, as well as some setbacks.

First: my skin cleared up significantly. I cannot even begin to rave about how much better it looks and feels… I’ve even noticed that my swelling in my face went down and my pores are smaller. All that’s left is the acne scarring, which will take some time to heal.

Bloating and digestion: improved so much! My gut just feels better. I’m more regular, and I don’t feel bloating or pain after eating.

Moods and sleep: I feel calmer and more energetic. I don’t know if that’s diet related or maybe just a new sense of confidence, but I just feel like my mind is clearer and I can handle things with more patience – even when I’m normally raging pre-period…

Setbacks: so here’s the thing. On the weekend I got a little overly confident with my progress and made (what I thought was) gluten free bread with YEAST. Duh. I’ve also had lots of brown rice, vinegars, mushrooms etc – all things that were a no go. What I should have done was introduced them one at a time… here we are with acne popping back up, this deep sense of depression, and a yeast infection starting.

Is it diet related? I don’t know. Maybe it’s all in my head. But today I’m starting over to see if these symptoms improve and I can get control of it all again.

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