My first few days on the candida diet

As I mentioned in a previous post, I decided to take on the Candida Diet.

These are the basic rules I am following:

No sugar or artificial sweeteners of any kind (I am using stevia however). I am also avoiding fruits and natural syrups, like maple syrup

No dairy

No gluten or starchy vegetables (like potatoes or corn)

My effort here is to starve the yeast from their food source in order to re-balance my body back to its natural bacteria levels.

Day 1

Things went well. We had pizza day at work and I had to completely avoid it. Major bummer… I was extremely tired, however Finn had me up at 4am. I was asleep on the couch by 9pm and slept AMAZING that night. Lots of sugar cravings… well, wanting food in general. I still had not prepped any foods so I was unprepared and just, hungry. Went to the store and got bone broth and cucumbers. A lot of soup bases have added stuff including sugar or wheat – so check the labels on EVERYTHING. Even my homemade salad dressing with basamic vinegar was a hard nope – it has grapes (duh…)

Day 2

Woke up feeling refreshed (probably from sleeping 9 hours straight). I ate sautéed veggies with ground turkey and quinoa. Also had some cucumber slices with salt and pepper. Annnnd of course, coffee – with almond milk and stevia. I am not fully committed to cutting caffeine just yet. We went ice fishing for the day – lots of walking. By 4pm I was beat. Like, foggy head and nauseous. Maybe even a little dizzy (I walked into my bathroom wall cause I was off balance). Ate some broccoli, onions, garlic, and ground turkey – felt a little better. Only drinking water aside from coffee. Also: peeing a lot. Carbs hold water and when you cut back, it’s like a diuretic so you have to get rid of the water somehow. Cravings were unreal today. So I caved and made some gluten free flour, cocoa, almond milk, stevia, and vegan butter concoction (kinda like brownie batter) – it was awful, but it made me stop feeling dizzy…?

Day 3

Slept ok – 7 hours last night. Woke up refreshed but sore. Probably sore from fishing yesterday… Mind is not so “foggy” today. Had one cup of coffee and couldn’t finish my second. Weighed myself and I am down FIVE POUNDS in a matter of a few days… again I know I’m shedding a lot of excess water. But I am DEFINITELY wayyyyyy less bloated. My skin is clearing up, and my eyes are less puffy – actually my whole face is less swollen. My palms and fingers seem to be clearing up of the red dots on them. Today I ate sautéed broccoli, with onions and garlic, some quinoa, ground turkey, and cut up avocado. NOT skimping on calories, and still eating a good balance of protein/carbs/fats… Almond milk and stevia are still my go-to for coffee. Cravings are still there, but maybe less intense? Still have the rest of the day to go…

I will update you in a few days! Unless I go crazy from lack of sugar and end up in jail. In that case, send bail…

Maybe I’ll post few side by side comparaisons of my skin and body composition. Stay tuned!

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