Surviving vs living

I have grown so used to “surviving” that I forgot how to live.

Always telling myself, “Just get through today… just make it to the weekend. And then things will be better.”

But then the days go by, the weekend arrives, and then *snap* it’s back to the grind. And then what?

We survive until the next (insert vacation/promotion/purchase new vehicle/buy a new house etc)

But what about those missed moment in between?

Those “moments” are the cuddles on the couch in front of the fire after a long day. Those stories you tell with your co-worker over sushi for lunch. Those sunrises you witness with your jam playing on the radio as you cruise into the office.

What if we stopped waiting for the next big thing, and started making right now really matter…?

Life is going to blow by you whether you like it or not. It won’t stop and wait for you. And if you’re too focused on just getting by, you’re going to wind up old and regret not stopping to take it all in.

Last nights I sat on the couch with Finn after work. I consciously put my phone down and spent some one-on-one time with her. Everytime I tickled her belly, she laughed this contagious toddler giggle. Her blonde hair was wild, and knotted. Her cheeks were rosy and crusted with snot. She smelled like laundry soap and vanilla. I read her three stories before bed, and as we sat there, she wrapped her little hand around my forearm and rubbed my skin with her thumb.

“I love you Finny…”

“I lohyou Mamma…”

This. THIS is a moment I want to remember forever. This sweet, insignificant Thursday completely littered with significance.

I beg of you. Remember the sound of a voice, the way someone’s face lights up when they tell a story. Remember the way your kids smell, and the freckles on their noses. Appreciate the sun on your face, or three green lights in a row.

If something changed tomorrow, these little moments would matter so much more than the big ones.

Be open to the small moments life has to offer. Stop focusing on the up-and-coming and just be present. Stop trying to survive, and just live.

Live now and not later.

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