The secret to weightloss

I’ve got a long winded post coming up on why your diet has failed you in the past…. over and over again.

Does this sound familiar:

You get frustrated with yourself, you cut calories significantly, you workout everyday. You lose a lot of weight and you’re happy. Then you reward yourself and go back to old habits: time off from exercise, eating whatever you want… then the weight comes back. Your sleep and digestion are affected. You’re unhappy again. And then the cycle repeats. Sometimes when you gain, it’s more than what you initially lost.

I want you to listen up and listen hard. This is gonna be some tough love, I have an answer for you and a way to STOP this cycle.

First: stop looking for a quick fix. I cannot stress this enough. 

Your body has a basal metabolic rate (BMR) and that’s what it requires to simply exist. The more severe and frequent you diet, the more you will LOWER this number. Thus in the long run it will require fewer calories, and a higher output of physical activity in order to continue losing weight.

Your body is not designed to lose weight. It’s just not. So when you are USING more energy (calories) than you are taking in, your body’s self defence system is kicking in. This means, your metabolism is slowing down and learning to function at a reduced metabolic rate. The self defence system is protecting your body – it doesn’t care about how good you look in a bathing suit. It wants to SURVIVE.

The longer and more frequent you cut calories, the more you’re telling your body to amp up its self defence system. 

Many people “plateau” during a “diet” (or calorie reduction, for sake of argument) – which is essentially your BMR adjusting to the decrease.

Your body will also raise its hunger levels and increase its rate of fat storage to PREVENT fat loss in the future. This means in a post diet setting your body is going to want to gain and store fat. 

Well, how do we prevent this?

You can’t. It’s just basic science and this is the way all humans are designed. But, you can take small steps to help yourself in the long run to prevent to slow the process and help rev the metabolism back up.


Not keto.
Not detox teas.
Not apple cider vinegar.
Not kale.
Not crystals or sage.
Not methamphetamines.
Not some miracle drug a friend of a friend recommended.
Not the snake diet.
Not juice cleanses.
Not tummy wraps.
Not extreme 8 week challenges.

It’s simple: it’s science. And you’re not going to like the answer…

You’re going to want to “diet” on the highest number of calories you possibly can. This means tracking your intake for a bit and seeing where you’re at. Monitor your progress: how do you feel? How is your digestion? How are you sleeping? Fat loss doesn’t ALWAYS have to be the focus of your journey, but if you want to lose fat and you are serious about it: stop looking for instant gratification.

The more slowly you lose the weight, the longer it will take and the less likely you will be to kick your body’s self defence system into overdrive.

200lbs in 2007, 135lbs in 2017, and 140lbs in 2019

The next most important step is the AFTER diet. You need to continue exercising. You need to be mindful of your eating. This is why I stress finding something that you can sustain long term. 

Sure you can eat 1200 calories a day and exercise for 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. But is this sustainable? Wouldn’t you rather eat 2100 calories, and workout 3-5 days a week? The latter sounds ideal right?

So the secret? There is no secret. It takes hard work, and commitment. That means making mostly healthy choices and exercising regularly… for the rest of your life. It doesn’t mean balls to the wall sweating everyday. It’s balance. Maybe Zumba here and there with a girlfriend. And then a long hike with your kids another day. And then a good weightlifting session with a friends at the gym.

Sorry if you wanted me to recommend some magic pill! Buuuuut…. nope 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

3 thoughts on “The secret to weightloss

  1. Awesome post and message, we need to change the vocabulary of people, a diet is not and never has been a short term thing it refers simply to what we eat, and if it’s balanced then you will naturally maintain a healthy body fat level, remember nature doesn’t want us to be fat as much as it doesn’t care what we look like in a swimsuit!


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