To my husband…

I am a strong woman, or so I like to think.

I’ve been through a lot and for that, I often see myself as the warrior that I am.

I endured a not-so-average childhood, I have struggled financially, I was a young mother, I failed at my first marriage, and had to learn how to stand on my feet again.

But I survived.

And I came back stronger.

Then I met you. You came into my life after I had suffered for so long. I’ve seen the darkest of dark. You – you were my light. You came to me when I was already empowered and strong. I never needed anyone to complete me, but – you were my missing piece.


I still need you. Yes, I can do a lot. I do driving, and dishes, and I keep the calendar organized. I do laundry, I clean showers, and I keep tabs on who is outgrowing their winter boots in the household. Sure, I can do all these things on my own. But I am not just the snack-maker, and the story-reader, and the diaper-changer. I am also a wife: your wife. YOU are the part of me that keeps me grounded and connected with my “old” self. The me that can laugh at dirty jokes, and the me that can kick back by a campfire with a drink in hand.

I still need YOU. I need you to keep texting me “I love you” in the morning. I know it’s repetitive, but I rely on that check in to get me through my day. I need you to keep texting me pictures from the grocery store of the ice cream choices. It makes me see that you still need me to help with essential decisions. I need you to keep finding heart shaped rocks for my collection – yes, we have SO many, but I love them.

I also need you to put your phone down and make me feel important. I know we lead busy, chaotic lives. But it is ESSENTIAL for our survival that we keep this connection alive. I need you to ask how my day was. I need you to take control and plan a date every once in a while. I need you to take the kids on a Sunday morning, so I can have a few moments of peace.

And I need you to just be you. Never change. Never stop being overly helpful and chatty in the checkout line. Never stop telling me stories about your crazy fishing trips. And never stop loving me for who I am, with all my flaws.

Though I may be strong, I’d be completely lost without you ❤️

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